Brian Chuk.
  • Thailand
    This week, I'm further south at Pattaya City, Thailand. I just arrived here from Bangkok. It's a striking difference from Guangzhou, where the sky is always white. It's so blue here.
  • Greetings in Guangzhou
    Greetings from Guangzhou, where I’ll be staying for roughly a month to see family. Later, I’ll be on my way to Thailand for a spell. I’m drafting this post in Foshan, staying at a relative’s place here.
  • A Superlate Year in Review
    It's been a while. I originally wanted to write weekly last year, but a lot came up. Life happened. Last year ended up becoming the most difficult and most influential year I've had. But now, I can set aside time for this blog. This will be the first of more posts down the line.
  • The Difference Between Living in New York and San Francisco
    My high school friends and I just left our pit stop in Sacramento, and had a couple hours until we reached our private airbnb by Lake Tahoe. The goal of our trip: escape urban San Francisco and go stargazing. We were in one of the last days of summer, and I've spent around four months living in the SF Bay Area. I was worried that I'd regret moving here when I flew over.
  • Where the Pigeons Sleep
    I just moved into a room in East Village, a few blocks away from the Facebook NY Office. It's going to be a short stay, but I'm not sure how long I'll be staying. I was making my bed on my first night here and I found, in the alleyway directly above my window, a cement-gray pigeon. It was perched next to each other on an iron bar, eyes closed, and didn't seem to notice as I peered up at them. It just sat there, its beak pointing into the nothingness of our dark, thin alleyway.
  • Case Study: Website Redesign
    From March 31st, 2014 to December 29th, 2017, I've made 963 commits on my personal website, That means that there's technically 963 versions of the site—but most of these commits are small tweaks that added up to slightly different versions through the two years this site has been around.
  • New Projects: Stargazer and Iven vs Chuk
    I don't have a new post this week, but I've written about a couple projects in my portfolio. Check them out!
  • The NOTEBOOK is now live!
    A couple years ago, my cousin stopped by and gave me a black Moleskine notebook. He was a graphic designer, and liked to use his notebooks for prototype sketches. “You can use this for your ideas,” he said. It was slightly larger than my hands. The book had a hard, durable cover, 200 ruled pages, a braided bookmark, and an elastic closure.