Brian Chuk. Close Project |
June 2015

Skip the supermarket line with a self-checkout app. Kangaroo is an iOS app that scans barcodes to identify products and places them in a virtual shopping cart. Once a user is satisfied with their selections, they can pay for everything in the app.

AngelHack Brooklyn 2015
Back-end developer
iOS, Web (Angular, Node.js)

In many supermarket chains in New York City, overcrowding is a huge issue. It’s actually normal to see lines circle and snake in the aisle of a supermarket and sometimes the lines reach out the doors.

So my team and I came up with Kangaroo. It’s an app that improves the supermarket with a new kind of self-checkout.

The app starts by figuring out which store you’re in through your GPS location. Once that’s done, you can start shopping. When you put an item into a shopping cart, you can scan its barcode to put it into the “virtual” shopping cart. This way when you check out, you just press a button in Kangaroo to pay for everything in your cart. No more waiting in lines and slow self-checkout machines.

You can view the submission page here and see the source code here. We won the Innovation Award in the hackathon.